Madeira Wine “Made in USA” ?

27 August 1997
Diário de Notícias(Madeira)

Some of the Labeled Bottles causing the controversy
Some of the californian bottles that could be easily mistaken for the authentic Madeira wines on the island of the same name.

A proposed amendment was made for the United States 1998 Budget year that would make it possible for any wine producer in the United states to use in an unqualified manner and without recourse to official permission the use of the name or wine denomination “Madeira Wine”.

As reported by the “Business Week” recently this proposed amendment to the US Budget was presented and sponsored by the current Senator for New York: Alfonso D’Amato. It is seen as an affront to the European Union in some quarters: especially, as is the case involving other wine producers, like Burgundy, Bordeaux and Beaujolais, who may find that if the Madeira wine amendment goes through that they, too, may suffer what some people call the “piracy” of their brand and denomination names.
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